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Permanent make-up

Hi, I have considered getting permanent make-up, but I am unsure because of the expense and pain. I do like to look my best, however, so if this would make things easier and still look good, then, why not? For myself, I would go for eye liner and maybe some lip color, but whatever works for you, go for it. You may think this vain, but I think that we should do things that are positive and make us feel better about ourselves.

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Re: Permanent make-up

I f its just lip colour and eye makeup, styles dont change that much. And definitely dont go with tattoo eyebrows, theres some pretty horrific pics out there lol.

I wont say tattoo pain isnt an issue while its happening because everyones different, but my tattoos put me to sleep every time (i have five).

Re: Permanent make-up

I do understand that trends come and go which is the very reason I would only use it to enhance. I believe that women often limit their make-up to lipstick and eye liner and mascara anyway. I am fine with my eyebrows. I wouldn't want the surprise look. Plus, I wouldn't imagine that painted-on eyebrows would look natural or even look like hair at all. I go to the salon to get my brows waxed and tweezed. My o my, what we females go through just to look nice! lol

Re: Permanent make-up

Wow. I didnt even know there WAS such a thing! I'd say go for it. It's your face.,
but I would also think about the styles changing, as was pointed out b4.

Good luck either way!

Re: Permanent make-up

Keep in mind that make-up styles change over time, so you would really want to think about it.

Back in university, a friend used electrolysis on her eyebrows (to permanently remove them) and then had eyebrows tattoos on. However, they had the effect oh making her look permanently surprised.

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