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Quick tip on online dating


If you guys (or girls) out yourself in the market looking for a mate. You will start seeing some patterns, redundant questions, replies. Etc .

I will give you some tips that I used to use in my days and frankly, it's always good to keep these sharp and not get them rusty.

TIP #1

their is always a standard question. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?
after a while, this question is boring as hell and you ask this out of habit.
Reply with something funny and off the wall.

I used to say that I was a Lion Tammer. Women LOVED this. Some actually believed me because I said it with so much conviction. Smile

The women would be like, really?
I would say, yes, I have my speedo in the cleaners and my whip at home. So if you ever pass by house, we will have some thing to do. Wink wink.

Is it to forward to bold. YES!! Your different, funny and and sexually playful in a tasteful way

TIP #2

Social proof, no woman or man wants to hang out with you all the freaking time. When I look for a woman, I make sure she has friends because, as much as I you, I don't want to be with 7 days a week.

Same thing for women, I always made it a big deal to show her that had friends, a life and I will have a good time regardless.

It shows that people like you, people want to be around and that you are not a weird


Don't try to be the nice guy and think that's the only way to get someone.

It's okay to be bold and sexual at front. Will someone get offended, maybe. At the end of the day, we are all creatures who like to be loved.

I have notice some women loved the fact that I was sexual (in a tasteful of course) and respectful at the same time. Their are some women who would really frustrated with you if you don't make a move at all.. I have a friend who has gone through that and one currently having an issue with a person he is dating.

I am not saying make a move the first date or chat, but let them know that you are attracted to her and he tasteful about it. Also, don't compliment her too much. After a while, it doesn't mean as much as the first time 2 times

Hope it held ?? Smile hit me up if you have any follow up questions


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