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Requiring live OCR

Hello friends out there, I'm in need of an app, which might be a bit strange however, i am in need of it.
Well, usually, we take a picture using our smartphone camera, then it is processed then the text is read back to us with our screen reader or a TTS app. However, I'm need of an app, on android platform, which performs live OCR for me. That is, instead taking a snapshot or a picture or a photo, then, processing it, I want an app, which, if I hold it over a printed text, should start reading right away, with live processing line by line or word by word or a notation like that, if we slowly move the camera lense over the text, getting or focussing the text, it should read it. Please suggest, if it is Possible, or, if there are any apps fulfilling this need, or, what to do..

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Re: Requiring live OCR


I hope you get several responses...great question. Have you tried Google Goggles or Word Lens?

Shannon Carollo

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