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Rock wall climbing

What is a way to climb a rock wall.
Some day I will be going to a camp.
And if one of the activities is rock wall climbing.
I want to know some tips on holding on the rocks.
And they are all different shapes and sizes.

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Re: Rock wall climbing

Hi, I love rock wall climbing. It is quite easy after the first try. You just feel up and down and around, Get to know your area, that is how you can climb faster later. When you find a rock aubove, you move your foot to feel for the rock to step up on. After your first try it will come easy if you like it and keep on doing it. It is loads of fun!

Re:Rock wall climbing

Thannk you for that information!

Re:Rock wall climbing

This is always one of my favorite activities at camp, the counselors will help you by telling you where the rocks are so you can get to the top faster.

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