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sighted guy from michigan searching for blind girl

Hi I'm bryan and I'm... *counts on fingers*... 40, though I'm always told I look like I'm 20 or so.

I'd like to meet a girl between 30 and 40, or even as young as 27. I would say anywhere in the world would be fine, but realistically it never works out when I've tried it. I'd totally ok with it is she was wealthy though haha. So in the US would be good. As I said I'm in Michigan, Southwest area to be exact, though I want to move to Texas sometime in the near future.

Sooo... I'm a caring and romantic guy, I'm an artist but I also like to write so I could regale you with stories of fantasy and romance to your hearts content. I love music, especially Japanese and Korean rock, classical and some US rock.

I also don't mind starting out as friends and getting to know each other and all that first.

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Re: sighted guy from michigan searching for blind girl


I feel a bit silly...but I am not sure how to do a post here. I just need some help. I am a guy looking for a blind lady for friendship in South Florida. Again, I do not know how to make a post...

Thank you,

Re: sighted guy from michigan searching for blind girl

How do I contact you? I am Adrijana, a blind lady of 36 from Macedonia, we can be friends if you want and if you wish to email me my email is:

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