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Single Legally Blind Lonely Man

First of all my sister in law is texting this and using her account. lol. I am a 40ish tall nice looking but remember I am legally blind. lol I like to enjoy life . I love to dance and have a few drinks. I am very up front. I do smoke. That is all my bad habits.I love to fish work on cars and enjoy spending time with my daughter. So give a me a call. 251-214-9453

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Re:Single Legally Blind Lonely Man

Yes, I have skydived. It was the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced! Everyone should do it.

Re:Single Legally Blind Lonely Man

hey another alabamaian. You live in mobile? I used to live there. I might even know you lol.

PS thrill monster: Have you ever skydived? I always wanted to and I will one day, maybe soon too haha.

Re:Single Legally Blind Lonely Man

Do you like skydiving?

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