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SO, what if you don't find someone to chat with?

Seriously, what if no one want to chat with you ? Same can be said about me as well. What if no one want to chat with me? Not the end for me, because I am super social guy and I put myself out there and I also have low vision. I have been trough the lonely nights and the depression stages too. Either way, don't lose hope, I am sure you are a needle in a hay stack. Smile.


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Re: SO, what if you don't find someone to chat with?

Hey, it's DeMarco! Good to see you on here. Haven't heard much from you lately. Yes, I believe it wouldn't take you long to strike up a conversation with anybody and everybody. You're just that kind of guy. But for others, I think it helps when they offer a bit more than 'wanna chat?' It'd be nice to know a little bit about them so I have something to go on. Also, I've responded to several people on this site but it seems that a lot of people do the initial posting and then never check back in. What's up with that? Just my two cents worth.

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