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starving for new music

Hi all;
Hope everyone is well.
I'm looking for some new music suggestions.
My tastes run to the harder side of things i.e. Ramstein, Machinehead, Dope, Disturbed, including the Metal deeva's like Nightwish, Epica, Embassy of Silence, and and old German band I found called Elis. Ladies with great voices fronting metal bands.
I have everything and anything on my IPhone from Glen Miller/Louis Armstrong, to Brad Paisly and Frank Zappa. (forgive any spelling errors, I know I suck at spelling)
I don't care for rap, Electronica, or R&B which doesn't use real musical instruments, but I'm open to any other suggestions.

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Re: starving for new music

Hey Mike,

the only place where I can find new music is Spotify. It is an app you can download on your phone or you can use it on your desktop.

I think it is better than Pandora because Spotify works with the label companies to release new music. Plus. you can create a station and follow all the new music.,

Hopefully that helps!!


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