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The Blind Matter - A YouTube Video

I discuss issues with Vocational Rehabilitation, finding a job and other issues facing those who are legally blind.

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Re: The Blind Matter - A YouTube Video

All I can say to this is: Amen bro! I have experienced the same things and a bit more. I was even bullied on the phone by my counselor at the time and his "supervisor," who used to be my counselor and whom not even her colleagues liked, as I later found out. She is still there, by the way. Voc/rehab just doesn't make sense to me, and whenever I bring it up or have it brought up it seems that just about everyone disagrees with me. But something just doesn't add up in my books. There are, as you point out in the video, many caring people who work in VR. But even those people can be a bit condescending at times. Anyway I better stop here before it's too late, and before this thing logs me out if it hasn't done so already.

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