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The problem with being a nice guy!!

His is what I notice from guys all the time. Just to add, I know this subject very well because I am "nice guy" by nature and my parents did a great job in raising me."

I used to have a lot of issues with women and most importantly, women respecting me. If you are the type that says "I'm sorry" for everything, you are easily convinced to change your mind or opinion, trying to be the perfect guy and not make a mistake. Then frankly, get ready to have a lonely life.. Just the way it is.

I am not saying being a dick or a complete ass, however, don't let people walk all over you!

For example, I used to apologize for my vision to women! Did that get me laid or gain their respect? NO!!! I don't apologize for it anymore because I am sure if you are like me, if I had the choice, I would love to have 40/40 vision.

Now a days, I tell people about my vision and then I stay quiet. They look at me and tell me their opinion and whatever. After that, I continue with the conversation and let them know that everyone else has their own challenges.

Don't apologize for every SONGLE THING! I have a friend who is trying to overcome the nice guy syndrome by being more stern, blunt, authoritative, and most importantly, believing in himself. He believes that he is not worthy of the woman of his dreams and therefore, dates women to settle with. No offense to this women at all, I am sure the same could be said for the other sex as well. The point is....

Not everyone is going to like you. I don't even know you and their is a chance that I might not like At the end of the day who cares. Their are 6 billion people in this world. All we really need is maybe 10 great people in our lives to support us. I don't need to have 1 million friends
You will gain more attention, respect, etc if you stand up to yourself and tell yourself that you are the BADDEST DUDE OR WOMAN ON THIS PLANET!!!

Stop letting other people's opinions run your life and only worry about yours. If you have a low opinion on yourself, then you have some work to do!!

Love you guys and the only reason I am so blunt because I tell it how it is!!



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