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Usability Study on Accessible Public Transportation

Hi Folks,

The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation is currently conducting a survey of usability problems on public transit buses. The study investigates getting on and off public buses, circulating inside of buses, understanding the communication and information systems of public buses, as well as issues concerning rider safety. The information collected from this study should help identify the aspects of using public buses that merit further detailed experimental research in controlled settings. The survey targets a broad demographic including manufacturers, designers, engineers, researchers and riders (of all abilities). Not only are we interested in learning about the problems faced on public buses, but also in acquiring feedback on participants’ (1) “best practice” experiences with public transportation in cities they have visited and (2) what they envision for the bus of the future.

You can find more information about the survey and a link to it at the following website.


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Re:Usability Study on Accessible Public Transportation

I've had some very lousy experiences with Public Transportation. Things are just never made very clear and often times drivers are less than willing to help. What I think needs to happen is some sort of credit so blind and visually impaired can take taxi cabs at a reduced rate. Taxi companies who offers these services could get some kind of incentive. In my personal opinion, public transportation is not the best option for blind and visually impaired... at least from my perspective.

Re:Usability Study on Accessible Public Transportation

Yeah, there are no websites that are accessible to the blind regarding public transportation.

Usability of Public Transportation schedules

We need schedules for buses, light rail etc. in forms we can use on sites on the internet which are easy for disabled people to use. Many sites now have accessibility issues. Not only are we left with difficult transportation options but we also have lack of information on the scheduling of those options. It makes a difficult situation more difficult to have inaccessible transportation websites.

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