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Vision impaired guy lookin for completely sighted girl

Hello ladies
My names Tuliek & I'm lookin for a fully sighted woman, Cuz I know that a sighted woman can love a visually impaired man. I'm a good man, if interested, then text me at 248-991-7845
I want a lady that's close to Detroit, MI. And I'm lookin for a white woman, thanks for lookin!

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Re: Vision impaired guy lookin for completely sighted girl



I have never considered your way of looking at this
issue b4, but you are certainly correct!
Thank you. Your assertive viewpoint has given me a whole new way of seeing things!
I wish a blind person on here would respond to this!

Re: Vision impaired guy lookin for completely sighted girl

Forgive me if I sound inconsiderate, but a man who can not be able to see the one they like or love, does it truly matter if the woman is white or anyother race?

politically incorrect response

Since you seek a White woman, you may want to mention your own race -- Caucasian, Spanish, Black, Oriental?
As a blind person, I always wonder when I read these ads from blind people seeking sighted partners. The requirement seems to be vision. So I wonder about how a sighted person must react when reading such a request. I gather that the blind person wants a sighted partner to help out with the things the blind person has difficulty doing such as driving. So, it kind of feels like a request for an employee rather than a interest in meeting a person for friendship and romantic love. Sort of like asking to get a chauffeur for free. I know keeping expenses down if you are living on SSI or SSDI is important, but do you really want to tell somebody that what you value in them is primarily their eyesight? If I am missing something here, please forgive me. It just feels odd to me, reading these kinds of messages.

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