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Hey Everyone,

Low Vision Guy here!!

I just wanted to share that the whole reason why I started on this forum is because I couldn't volunteer in the way I wanted too in a low vision clinic.

Just to be clear, they of course wanted me to volunteer in their organization. however, I do not want to be sitting in a office and answering calls.

I have first hand experience (just like so many of you) of the shit we have to deal with when you are visually impaired. This local organization is awesome and does an amazing service for the community, however, we all know the emotional trauma that we have to deal with if you have some sort of disability .

What I wanted to do is help people feel better about themselves and feel confident. Make the best of the situation and keep pushing forward no matter. I understand that the state has important restrictions and have to be careful, so that they do not get sued; but the fact that they do not appreciate what I can offer and help their clients in a way that they can.

I think the majority of the staff are sighted and have the best intention in the world and they SUPER NICE!!!!! I still think they would have benefited from having some experienced V.I or blind people that have a great outlook on life.

either way, I glad to be here and I hope I can help millions of people find their purpose in this world.

I truly believe mine is to inspire people for for your dreams no matter what happens to you

Low Vision Guy

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Tomorrow is a great day and today is even a better day to start.

The way i look at is, their is a kid out there feeling sad and depressed because his vision is holding him back. He probably doesn't have anyone to relate too him or tell him that things will turn out okay.

He is being told that the world will just have to accommodate to his disability and things will never be normal. They will hard and stressful. that's the way life is..

So I truly believe that you, me and everyone else in this forum has an awesome story to tell and help millions of people around the world.

Just the other day, I saw a poor baby born with one EYE. What made it even worse, he only had one eye above his nose. Not to be funny, but like a cyclops. I have no idea what that kid will go through, but I am preparing and getting ready for him when he needs me.

We all have values to give



I have to say that I'm glad I stumbled onto this site. You do have a very positive attitude about this and I'm very happy that you have found your purpose. I guess that's where I've been sitting at recently. I've been thinking about how I have nothing left to offer but, dammit, I'm still ok. I'm me, as I am and I still have a lot to offer. Yeah, I don't have all the independence that I used to have but that doesn't mean that I need to hide away in my house and isolate myself. I just need to find other passions in spite of it all. It's going to take some time but hopefully I'll get there sooner rather than later. Thank you again!

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