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Walk with me to the heart of a Good Woman

Hello to all members,

My name is Lee and if I may say so myself, I’m a pretty Good Man looking for a pretty Good Woman. As a 41 year old (09-18-1968) strong but gentle light brown skinned black man, I meet a woman or two every few years wanting to date me. However, I am not looking for a woman; I am looking for a Good Woman. She can be completely sighted, totally blind, or partially blind. I am just looking for a Good Woman.

I am looking for a mild mannered woman that likes to be gently kissed, held and snuggled, sweet talked, teased with little jokes here and there, and most of all, a woman that wants a man that will cuddle and smooch on the couch with her for hours and hours talking about their hopes and dreams.

As a 5-foot 8-inch totally blind man, I prefer a Christian woman in her thirties or close to my own age under 5-feet 5-inches. Also, because I am still in pretty good shape as far as my weight is concerned, I prefer a woman in the same fairly good condition (140 pounds or less). This similar sizing makes the snuggling better when we are on the couch listening to a digital book together.

Because I am located in Detroit Michigan, I prefer someone in my general area or someone that can afford to travel. I would like someone that likes slowly walking down the street together; perhaps just for something to do. I would like someone that likes going to restaurants; perhaps a different one each month. I would like someone that likes going on group dates; perhaps with lifelong friends. Most of all, I would like someone that wants a long term relationship with a desire for it to one day turn into marriage.

I would also like someone supportive because I have been learning for the past year how to trade the stock market and I am going to need all the support I can get. Also, although I have a two year degree in computers, this would not be required of you. I need only your natural female wisdom, kindness, sweetness, caring nature, and gentle voice to satisfy my mental and emotional needs.

Being an open minded man, I by no means restrict my prospects to any particular race or color. If you are a Good Woman and you are white that would be terrific. If you are a wonderful woman and you are black that would be great. If you are a sweet and gentle Asian, Mexican, Native American, Russian, or sweetish woman, that would be just fine as well. I only ask that you are a Good Woman.

because I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not do drugs, I do not cheat on women, I do not live on the down low, I do not do anything bi-sexual, I do not do three ways, I do not participate in orgies, I do not engage in wife swapping, I do not enjoy videotaping sexual acts, I do not have any major illnesses, and I do not have any sexually transmitted diseases, I would ask that any woman in my life share these personality and health traits as well.

So if you are interested in seeking further conversation with me, please contact me at this email address:

P.S. if you are a wonderful and kind hearted woman and you would simply like to be friends, please feel free to also contact me for this as well. Be sure to mention your preference when you send your first email. Remember, I am always willing to make a new Christian friend.

Your new friend, Lee...;-)

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Re:Walk with me to the heart of a Good Woman

BOY do I wish you were in Dallas!

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