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What scares you most about doing something new?

For example, if you are blind oor visually impaired and you can travel, outside of the US, alone, or even take a job overseas or go to college overseas, what would be the reason for not doing it?

I'm visually impaired and I have done all of these things, but many people I talk to are nervous to do it or don't even know it's possible. I'm wondering what makes people so nervous? If there was some way to show you it isn't so hard as you think, would you give it a try? I know many people are afraid of rejection or being lonely in a strange environment or not coping to new changes. Do you feel that way? Or if you had the chance to work in a different country or do something you've never done, would you throw your worries to the wind and go for it?

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Re:What scares you most about doing something new?

Hi, I had an eBay store for a couple years. When I first began, it was very difficult for me to be comfortable with those I dealt with. I can say that over a two year period of time, 99 percent of the people that I sold to were legitimate. However, the internet can be a breeding ground for scams so my advice to you would be always have a way to protect yourself. Do not give out any information that is absolutely not necessary. If you must deal with individuals via phone, have a line specifically for that purpose. Also, be extremely careful of your banking information.

There are also always going to be those out there who are looking for a way to cheat you out of money. I have had several occasions where the person would get the product and try to give me some off-the-wall story about what they really received. I kept memos, receipts, copies of eMails, and any and all other documentation to back myself. If there is ever a dispute, you will be ready to handle it.

I honestly don't think there is a way to get over the fear until you just get out there and do it. The longer I sold online, the more comfortable I became. I hope this helps.

Re:What scares you most about doing something new?

I am not afraid to travel, either abroad or in The U.S. What I am afraid of is buying and selling online. I have sold things from door-door-to door many times but talking with people by email, are difficult and scary. Can someone recommend how they overcame their fear of the internet?

Thank you.

Roy Dubriel

Re:What scares you most about doing something new?

I have gone on a plane and I would not be afraid to go on a boat over seas. But I am afraid of traveling on a bus to other places out of my hometown. I rather go by car or plane.I would like to try it but I am afraid that the driver will not tell me where to get off. But I do like trying different things I am kind of adventurous.

Re:What scares you most about doing something new?

I am a bungee jumper! I ride horses, roller coasters, and anything else that's extreme and thrilling!

,Re:What scares you most about doing something new?

Hello, what scares me about trying something new is knot knowing what to expect and not nowing what will happen but other than that i am fine

Re:What scares you most about doing something new?

I answered before but don't see it yet; sorry if this shows up twice.
Nothing really scares me about trying something new, i think you just need to be smart about it. in your example, a blind person would need to be sure he/she knows the language of the country to which they are traveling. No matter what your travel skills are, a blind person will invariably need to solicit assistance for the first time in a strange place. I was a 2 sport athlete at Pitt, driven several types of vehicles, rock climbed, i've gone spelunking, and many other activities. I don't think anyone should be afraid to try something new. I suck at minigolf and bowling, nor can i mow a lawn in a straight line... but i know blind people who can do all these. so, i guess it's up to the individual! thanks for posting

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