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Why do we have to be employees ??

Hey everyone

Demarco again AKA. LOW VISION GUY

I am really loving the people who are replying and participating in the conversations and I hope this encourages more and more people to create more topics to talk about.

I have been noticing more and more from other fourms and unfortunately , this forum as well, that we support the mindset of working for a good company that can accommodate our needs.

I have nothing. Against employees because they do much for us, however, what if never find a job, work environment, location that suits us. Do people think we can't run our own bunnies? Can a V. I or blind person run a fourtune 500 company ?? I think so and perhaps even better! No granted, I am not seeing anybody is holding us back because we can do whatever we want, so none is holding you back, I just hope that working for someone and hoping the location and the boss are within our mean!!

We are NEO from matrix, we can create our boundaries. The only limits are only limits are between our ears

Low vision guy


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Re: Why do we have to be employees ??

Got you, I know its a risk for anyone and their is no guarantees in anything. I just keep seeing articles about how low vision and blind can improve their chances on finding a company that will help then with their vision impairments. I say we should create the next GOLDS GYM!!!! hahah

Thank you for sharing your point and U understand.

Also, their are 2 books that I find are great sources for small business or micro business. They talk about they their is no need to get a loan anymore and just bootstrap it.

1) THE $100 START UP (great book and have read this one and another one his books to)
2) THE POWER OF BROKE ( The author of this is one the shark tank)

These have helped me see money or getting money in a whole new way.

Talk to you soon!!


Re: Why do we have to be employees ??

I don't think we or anyone else has to be an employee. I think it just requires the same aspects as anyone else who has started and run a business.
Courage, capital, imagination, and a good plan. I'm CSCS certified and have often thought about my own gym, but I can never seem to figure out a way with getting the start-up money aside from taking a loan, and I don't want one of those right now. LOL
There are other things to consider to that make the idea less appealing to me. Steady income has its own attraction. I.E. if BAC has a crappy quarter, my paychecks don't change, I keep my insurance and other benefits, ETC. If I had my own business, and suffered losses for a couple months, I risk losing everything I've worked for.
So I think it all comes down to the individual, and his/her desires and willingness to take those risks regardless of whatever disabilities may be present.

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