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work life

Any questions that a person experiencing visual loss might have.

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Re:work life

Joe has it down, but I personally prefer to compensate those who drive for me. I never like to be a burden or obligation to anyone. Fortunately, I have a driver that drives for me basically all of the time.

Re:work life

I will attempt to answer question, but I am sure many people on here can offer an opinion or thoughts on this matter.

Transportation can be the biggest barrier or asset to being indepent or employment. "Can", so it is one of what could be many barriers or assets.

All areas have different transportation systems, but you said if there is none available. "None" is kind of limiting, you would have to create your own through networking with family, friends, and hiring drivers. Paying for drivers brings a different relationship because they know they really are supposed to drive you. Volunteers do not feel that same obligation. Family and friends are a large step up from simple volunteers on reliability and consistency. But, I guess that depend on your friends and family.

Networking at churches and such can help to find volunteers. Once you become well networked at your place of employment, you may find someone who lives near you or drives through area on the way to work. Persons should offer gas money or buy lunch or something to compensate for this.

I know myself and many others have been in this situation. I worked for 2 years in an area with bad public transportation, but I was well networked. I paid persons for gas once in a while or lunch. I made sure to show my appreciation. I always had back ups, just in case, as people have other obligations or get sick or go on vacation. You also get to know people better through riding with them, but you want to keep things appropriate. Rides are valuable!

I have had clients who used delivery services when they weren't busy to get rides. They worked it out with the business prior. I had a client who used a funeral home who had a driver to be a taxi (this worked out well, interesting...).

I have lived places where I had many transportation options, such as in cities. I lived a place where I was dependent on good bus system and very well established Para Transit, and taxis. I currently live in a place where they have a decent bus system, okay taxi system, and some para transit. Yet, I typically would walk, use the bus, or a taxi. I picked an area where I can walk a lot of places.

Just some of my thoughts, but there are many others out there. I hope this helps!!

Have a great holiday season!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:work life

what does traveling entail when you cannot drive and public transportation is not available?

Re:work life

I don't have any questions.

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