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Writer looking to meet female blind person age 17-30

I'm writing a novel and I need a lot of research. I would like one of my main characters to be a young blind female and so it would greatly help the quality of my writing if I could meet (either through skype, call, email or in person) a female blind person. If it is necessary I can pay you for your time although I would much prefer for the whole thing to be quite informal. If you want a quick reply, please email me at!

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is your character primarily a person who happens to be blind or a blindness you are making into a character?

What is it about your character that absolutely requires her to be blind? How would being blind or not being blind radically change your idea of who she is?
I mean, suppose you think about her as a person first, and then only as being blind. Who is she as a person? Is she a person who is blind or a blindness who you happen to want to make into a character?
Let's suppose you have an idea for a plot or an idea for a character and a plot. Now suppose you think of the plot and character as not being blind first.
Then perhaps you can figure out how being blind is central to the story you are telling.
That is what I mean about creating a character who happens to be blind rather than creating a blindness and then building a character around the being blind part.
Do you understand what I am getting at here?

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