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Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

Hi everybody. I just signed up today. Two years ago, I suffered from a vertebral artery dissection and stroke after a chiropractor manipulated my neck. I was in rehab for a long time. I am left with a 30% visual field cut (upper right quadrant). They took my drivers license away - hopefully I will get it back some day.

I really envy those who have the strength to overcome their disabilities. I didn't know what it was like until after I had the stroke. I've come a long way. I can run and bench-press my body weight, but feel very frustrated at times as I see much differently and much of my freedom has been taken away.

Has anyone here had a similar experience? If so, I would appreciate your feedback. Any advice on the frustration part would be helpful.


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Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor


I want to first say Congrats on not giving up! The shear determination to succeed is what keeps most of us blind folks going! We might not be able to see, but "seeing" the world from our perspective is very enlightening! I am an athlete myself, so I totally understand how the gym seems to have a whole new look to it, but the fact that you are in there and getting in a workout is what's really an awesome feeling. I would like to personally welcome you to call in to a chatline operated be to visually impaired individuals (1 being me) @ 616-980-7272, and feel free to stop by room 1 to chat with us, or ask questions, or just be inspired and you never know someone might even get inspired by you! We will soon be putting up a inspirational board so if you want to tell stories, or ask for prayers, etc you may certainly do so! I hope you will come by and I wish you the best of luck! Being Blind Rocks!

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

i'm alana. if you don't mind, would you explained what the doc did wrong? the reason i'm interested is because i'm going in to medicine. not that particular field, but you do the rotation in med school.

i know what it's like to lose vission first hand. i had decent vission, (20/600) and this summer my retina sudenly detached. there was no reason and the doctors couldn't explain it. the surgery was successfull, and i got a little back. (20/800) but other unrepairable medical problems and the consiquent solution leave me with no vission at all.

i didn't know how much i used the little sight i had until it was gone. to be completely honest, the procedure done to my one eye that had any sight was far less extreme, (they injected something called chlopromozine behind it) but it still injured the nurves. so i do have light perception. anyway, for the first two weeks i got lost in my own bedroom. now, i just run in to things in the rest of the house.

i've been able to except that there's absolutely nothing i can do to get my sight back, and i'm going to move on with life and reaching my future as a doctor without it. you're a little older then me, and have gone from fully sighted to blind, as oppose to a relatively small amount of vission to blind. but the principle is the same. if you need help, get help. that can be a psychiatrist, or an oriantation and mobility instructor. assess what it is you're strugling with and take steps to fix it.

i'm sorry for the nasty turn of events. try and make the best of it.


Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

Thanks for the last three responses. It makes me feel better to know that people recognize how it feels. I am still getting used to it and knock into things. People look at me and think I'm fine, but things are much different.

You are all very strong people and genuine as well. How do you stop being mad at people who don't understand or care? I never noticed that in people the way I do now.

lizzym15 - to answer your question, I just turned 30. How old are you?

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

Hey I had perfict eye sight until I was 5. I was very advanced mentally so I got to learn and see a lot before I lost my sight. here is 1 piece of advice instead of thinking of what ur missing, be thankful that u had the chance. ALWAYS be positive, and keep ur head up. May I ask how old u are and where ur from?

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

I have been visually impaired my entire life, so I think that your experiences are deffinitly more tramatic than my own, However, my reccomendation is to hold on to your dreams and goals, because you can go higher int the world if you have something to work for and obtain in your life. As you progress you will learn more about living as a blind individual, I have my whole life and I find more and more all the time.

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

I know how tough it is. I was born visually impaired (partially sighted/legally blind, whatever term you want to use). I'm still a fairly young guy in my 20's and I've often felt like I was never given a chance to have the freedoms that other people had. It is frustrating, especially the "solutions" given out by VR and mobility counselors. My advice is to try and stay positive as best you can. Concentrate on the good things in your life like friends and family. I personally find prayer to be relaxing and quite helpful. Above all else, don't let your frustrations build up. I started having severe panic attacks because I never really addressed what I was dealing with. I'm certainly an advocate of talking to others or even a counselor for help if need be. Your frustration is certainly nothing to be ashamed of my friend.

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

Traveler. If you have an e-mail address - it might be easier. I would appreciate some feedback

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

I've been blind since birth but have lived a full and very successful life as a teacher, mentor and business owner.
My situation is different from yours of course, but if you like, I might be of help to you.

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

You're right, it wasn't fun at all. Can you tell me about your experiences - that's why I signed up. Where are you from?

Re:Young Guy Vision Loss After Stroke Due to Chiropractor

I bet that isn't any fun.

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