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ziplining experience

Hi all;
Just wanted to share my recent experience in the Dominican Republic.
I went on a zipline excursion while on vacation with my fiancé. There were 12 stations, and some of them were as high as 800M, and there was one that was around 450M long. It may have been longer as I forget the exact length, but they boasted it was the longest in the Caribbean. The crew was very welcoming and didn't have any real concern that I was totally blind. They tried using a whistle to signal me when to slow down,but the ziplines were too loud and fast to hear the whistle in time to slow down. So I figured out that if I counted in my head (1 Mississippi ETC) I could ballpark when to begin pulling down on the line. It was very exciting to feel the tree tops brushing your feet as you go sailing through the mountain passes. I would recommend this to anyone. If you have any trepidation, I'd try a smaller lower course here in the states, or wherever you may be before hitting something like this; they were very high and very fast but completely enjoyable.
The tour company was Runners Adventures in Punta Cana DR.
Hope everyone is doing well, and if you're anywhere near the recent hurricane activity God bless, and hope you are safe.

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Re: ziplining experience

That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm surprised to hear you had to manually slow down on the zip line...I went zip lining this summer in Florida and the zip line automatically decreased in speed toward the end. Yours sounds much more exhilarating!


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