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Blind Parents that owns their own business

Hi I wanted to get more information on blind parent who have their owns business and also have any advice for other parents who are blind looking for work please let me know if possible leave a email address thanks greatly appreciated

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Re:Blind Parents that owns their own business

AFB has a book that you can get on persons who are blind or visually impaired business owners. This book is part of a series that also has healthcare and education. You should check it out!

AFB CareerConnect has some resources that also may be applicable to the business part, you should check it out. Contact your local small business association, chamber of commerce, and local library. Your library often has all kinds of resources, even related to starting your own business.

Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB CareerConnect Staff

Re:Blind Parents that owns their own business

I know nothing specific to parents owning businesses. However, to find information about people who own their own businesses or about the professions you mention in a previous message try the database and other resources here. Share your job-seeking and employment experiences, and exchange career advice. And
AFB CareerConnect®

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