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Blind speech and language therapists?

Hello. I'm only just learning how this works, so sorry if it has already been posted. My name is Samantha Ash, I am 23 years old, totally blind, and am studying towards a degree in psychology with counselling in the UK. I wish however, to pursue a career in neurorehabilitation, helping those with Aphasia,, those who have suffered brain injuries, strokes, epilepsy, and/or other neurological problems, as I also have epilepsy, which is very well managed. I tried getting in touch with a person in the UK, who had endeavoured to become a speech and language therapist in the UK, but she said it was "Impossible" I disagree entirely and will not accept her answer.

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Re: Blind speech and language therapists?

Okay. I will. I'm still learning how this works.

Re: Blind speech and language therapists?


When you're on the CareerConnect main page, the bottom of the page has an e-mail icon under "Share". You can then e-mail CareerConnect staff. You can talk with anybody; feel free to ask for me (Shannon Carollo). I'd love to talk with you.


Re: Blind speech and language therapists?

May we Skype and/or email?

Re: Blind speech and language therapists?

Hi Samantha,

I also disagree with her assumption.

First, search for a mentor in the field who is blind or visually impaired:

Second, research the specific tasks of a SLP and learn job accommodations for each task. We can brainstorm right here and you can also check out the Job Accommodations Network (JAN) online. It's a superb resource.

Shannon Carollo

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