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Disappointing/ negative job expriences


I think it would be very interesting to hear any disappointing or negative job experiences and what you learned/ how you grew from the experience. Sometimes we learn the most from consequences of a poor choice.


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Re: Disappointing/ negative job expriences


Somehow I'm just seeing your response. I'm very impressed that your supervisor used your mistake as a simple learning tool and didn't publicly embarrass you! Definitely a good lesson to learn from a quality leader.

Re: Disappointing/ negative job expriences

LOL, at least you caught your own mistake!
When I was just getting started in IT, I had write-access to an ISQL database. Not really a good thing for the company since I was just learning.
Moral of the following story is never take database advice from an application developer.
He told me I could do a control-C to stop any SQL statement during execution. But he didn't tell me, this is only a viable option for reporting databases. i.e. read-only.
I accidentally wrote a Cartesian join, which in query writing, is a really bad thing, because they can run forever and lock everything up.
Realizing my error, I hit the control-C my developer friend told me about. Since I was querying a writable instance of the DB, the query tried to stop, and began creating all these zombie locks on the records it was trying to access through my poorly written query. The net result was, I brought down an application, for about 500 people across 3 sites by locking the whole database.
The dba database administrator) who found it, quietly killed my query, and removed all the zombie locks. Even though she saw it was my ID attached to the query, she never told anyone. She instead, called me up, told what I did wrong, and why I couldn't use the control-C in a live database instance.
As I grew in my career, I always remembered this story so if someone screwed up as badly as I did, use it as a teaching opportunity as she did for me. No need to humiliate someone, embarrass or fire anybody over a silly mistake. If it's repeated however... maybe that wouldn't have gone so well. LOL
Better to teach and protect against future risk, than to just bawl someone out and have them learn nothing except contempt for their boss and job.

Re: Disappointing/ negative job expriences

*Looks like I still need to pay more attention to the quality of my work! I forgot an 'e' in "experience" (in the title.) Oops!

Re: Disappointing/ negative job expriences

When I served tables at Red Lobster, I remember rushing the clean-up at the end of the night. I did a poor job of sweeping and was asked to re-do it. I realized then that I didn't want to take any more shortcuts and I wanted to pay particular attention to the quality of my work. I'm now thankful for that (embarrassing) experience at 16 years old.


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