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I am 39 and have optic nerve atrosphy in both eyes. Two years ago my night license was revoked. I was 20/70 corrected. I have not been to the neuro-optomistrist since because I am scared he is going to take away my license totaly. How would I get to work or pick my daughter up from sports? My job has worked with me and I have no issues doing my job. I read about disability and I dont qualify.

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Re: Frustrated!!

Thanks so much for coming here to vent. I can only imagine how frustrating and scary this is for you...and many others reading your words have been right there where you are. You are not alone.

I wrote this blog post and it seems like it was written just for you...please read it and apply what you need to hear. I think you'll see that you have options, and with the right training and can continue working. Here's the link to the CareerConnect blog post:

Other thoughts: Does your city have good public transportation? Could you move closer to your work? Do you live near a coworker who could drive you to work in exchange for the cost of gas?

We hear you! Let's brainstorm together...

Shannon C.

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