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Getting a job in healthcare

Well hello I'm legally blind my vision is 20/200 and can't be corrected, I'm albino and I really want a job in healthcare I'm interested in becoming an RN but I'm scared that no one will ever hire me o have clear vision but I have to look very close at things. So please help me because I want to get my life on track

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Re: Getting a job in healthcare


I agree. Reaching out to mentors who are visually impaired and successfully employed in the healthcare industry is a good place to start. If you have not done so already, you will need to register as a user with CareerConnect by accessing the following link: .

You may also want to consider joining the Careers in Healthcare Message Board to further connect with mentors: . The CareerConnect website has a section titled “Our Stories” where you can learn about careers in healthcare as well as read profiles of employees who are visually impaired and have or are successfully working in various healthcare occupations. The profiles can be accessed at . Additional information about careers in healthcare is located on CareerConnect’s Career Cluster for Healthcare: . Exploring the various jobs in the healthcare industry will help you to identify what jobs in the industry you may be good at based on your skills, abilities and interests.

Since you mentioned you are fearful no one will hire you due to your visual impairment, you may find a recent post by Steve Cardenas (who is also visually impaired) insightful. Steve is successfully employed and offers some tips on building confidence in the workforce as an individual who is visually impaired. His post can be accessed at the following link: . Completing the following lesson about disclosing your disability to an employer is an additional resource you might explore: .

There are many more resources available to you as a jobseeker on CareerConnect’s website. If you need additional resources, use the search function on the website to further explore the resources.

I applaud you for your motivation to get into the workforce despite your loss of vision. From reading the stories on the CareerConnect website, you will learn your disability does not have to be a barrier to your future employment.

Good luck in your endeavors. Keep us posted.

Alicia Wolfe

Re: Getting a job in healthcare

Have you looked at the Career Connect mentors on the web site? I know there are several in healthcare. I am a physical therapist who is blind but not sure if that would be a profession I would recommend currently. As technology has advanced it has made more incompatible difficulties with computers and various other issues.
If you have some useful vision, you may not have those type of issues, I would check out the mentors and contact some of them for thoughts and inspiration!

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