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I need help

hello my name is Juan, I am blind, looking for a job in Asheville, I am looking for a room to live in Asheville, you can call me 386-675-5566 thanks

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Re: I need help

I am not blind. I am a teacher for students who are blind and a mobility instructor.

Keep us posted on your move.

Re: I need help

thanks Shannon are you blind? I am totally blind, you can write to my email:

Re: I need help


Since Asheville has many colleges, I bet you can contact apartment complexes and get in touch with others who are seeking to co-lease.

Or search Craiglist for those seeking roommates. (But be safe!)

You can do this!


Re: I need help

hi Shannon thanks for answer, I am looking for a roommate, I don't know anybody in Asheville, can you help me to find a room? you can call me 386-675-5566 thanks

Re: I need help

Hi Juan,

Good luck on your upcoming move to Asheville. Here is a link to an overview of the Vocational Rehabilitation service model in the Asheville area, should you want it:

It's always tough to decide if you should relocate before or after you find a job in an area. If you can find and afford a place to live before establishing employment, it would certainly be easier to acquire a job.

Are you looking for a roommate? Do you have any contacts in Asheville who may know of a friend seeking a roommate?

Keep us posted,

Shannon C.

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