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IT Help Desk

Anyone out there with low vision working for a company in Jacksonville, Florida? The company I worked for the past 17 years was bought out and I am having a hard time finding new employment.

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Re: IT Help Desk

If you are looking for local networking opportunities specific to people who are blind or visually impaired in Jacksonville, Florida -- it would be best to reach out to the local NFB or ACB consumer groups. This is a national and internationally used website, so one city will be hard to connect with.

Other ideas for networking
* Have you joined a related professional organization related to your profession? There are many of these organizations that have national, state, and even affiliates in cities. These organization are often great places to connect with others, find out about openings in your field.
* Are you a member of any civic organizations or young professionals organization, I don't know your age though. Are you a member of the Lion's, Rotary or any other groups? These are other opportunities for networking.
* Service in your community can often open job leads, volunteering during your job search, never hurts.
* Having a networking party -- invite persons who are employed in different businesses, related jobs, non-related jobs, and persons who could speak to your quality. It doesn't cost a lot to throw this type of event. Be prepared to sell yourself and explain. It is a tight job market, quite competitive, and you have to be willing to put yourself out there.
* Are you tied to Jacksonville? Spreading your search never hurts.

Just some thoughts to consider.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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