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not sure what i can even do now that i am blind

i have been in construction my whole life. now i am not sure what careers are even feesable. where can i get training

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Re: not sure what i can even do now that i am blind

Hi, I have been employed for over 6 years now, blind for nearly ten. I decided I wasn't going to let blindness decide who and what I was or what I could do. I got signed up with the National Library service so I could keep reading. I also began learning the JAWS program. I took O&M training and got signed up for our "Paratransit".

Finally, when I felt confident, I hand delivered my resumee to certain places I felt might have a job for somebody living with Blindness. A year later, out of the blue, my current Boss called me and invited me for an interview. He hired me right on the spot.

Don't let it hold you back! If you do, you'll spend all your days with a string of "What ifs...?"


Re: not sure what i can even do now that i am blind

We try to help, there are so many resources, methods, and tools out there that can help bring independence. Some for a cost, but there are often low cost methods of accomplishing tasks too. I suggest checking out the resources, connecting to services in your area, and some other resources.

You can check out the website, which is part of our family of websites. This site offers a lot of information on the adjustment and such. CareerConnect offers information about careers, navigating the employment process (free online course called the "Job Seeker's Toolkit" within CareerConnect), and how people have succeeded. The Hadley School for the Blind,, offers free courses for persons who are blind via correspondence through the mail, phone, or on the web. They have courses such as about labeling and systems, kind of like organizing and making your life accessible.

I think we have got you started, connect to services and make things happen. Be persistent, and make it happen!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: not sure what i can even do now that i am blind

i really appreciate such a quick reply. ive been blind for a little over a year and had to learn most things on my own because my wife said she couldnt find any resources on the web. i finally got my android device to the library and someone turned on my accessibility. thanks again.

Re: not sure what i can even do now that i am blind

Are you registered with your state's vocational rehabilitation agency? You can use the Directory of Services search on to find your state's resources. The directory will provide you contact information for these entities. They will know more about your local resources and training programs.

Your state may have a training center or rehabilitation center for indepth training. They also may have services that will come to you. They will know about eh vocation training programs in your area depending on your vocational goal.

I suggest reading the 2013 Employment Resources article in this month's issue of AccessWorld at I hope this gets you started. Have a great day!

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