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seeking employment in the travel industry

Does anyone know of any companies hiring in the ttavel industry? I have five years experience and am willing to move. I also have interest in the cruise industry. Any information would be appreciated. Sincerely kristi.

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Re: seeking employment in the travel industry

Here are some useful resources for the job search:

AFB CareerConnect’s “Useful Links for Job Seekers”

disABLEDperson, Inc.
This site has over 42,000 jobs from employers who are interested in hiring persons with disabilities.

Otherwise, if you are trying to get your foot in the door with the cruise industry, I would suggest connecting with the major companies operating in this business. Also, connecting with persons who are doing this type of work. Have you done it prior? What type of work experience do you have? Have you observed this type of work being done for a cruise company or in another related field. These companies have all kinds of jobs. The cruise industry is an interesting sector. They base their companies out of various places. If you work on a ship for a certain amount of months straight, like 1.5 years or something, you can become exempt from US taxes (if working in international waters and such). I know the industry used to have a lot of turnover, and you could move around once in the organization. A friend worked for the corporate side and enjoyed the challenges. He was on the financial side dealing with logistics with the maintenance of ships.

Why are you specifically interested in the cruiseline industry? What about other related sectors?

All the best,
Joe S.
AFB Staff

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