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straight talk about medical transcription

I'd like to have some information on the technology that blind meical transcribers use.

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Re: straight talk about medical transcription

I did medical transcription for a few years. I took an online course and then became employed in an office. I then did a bit of it from home as well. I am visually impaired and I use screen magnification. So for me, that is the only additional technology I used. in the office, I used the foot-pedal controlled Dictaphone. At home, I used software that was also controlled by a foot pedal. I became quite good at it and I enjoyed it.

Re: straight talk about medical transcription

I transcribed some medical reports several years ago for my father, and I used his dictaphone. I can't remember whether it had a foot pedal or not, but some of the doctors talked so fast and some had accents. My brother, who is totally blind, took a medical transcription course offered by the Chicago Lighthouse and really enjoyed it. However, they promptly discontinued said course. I suppose it was no coincidence that this course was discontinued right when I enrolled in an office-skills program down there. I do believe Hadley also offered a medical transcription course but they no longer have it either. I doubt that lack of enrollment was actually the cause of this though, because some other people I know near here wanted to get into medical transcription.

Re:straight talk about medical transcription

The technology for medical transcription is always changing. Our organization teaches online classes for blind and visually impaired students. Each student needs a relatively up-to-date computer with MS Word and a high speed internet connection. During the class, they will also use dictation software, reference software, and a foot pedal. We suggest noise cancelling headphones and decent set of speakers, as well. Please feel free to contact the Lighthouse of Houston if you'd like more information on this career.

medical transcription

Medical transcription also known as MT, is part of the health profession and deals in the process of transcription or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.

We are a UK based company specialising in transcription services including medical transcription. You can checkout our website on or we also offer other business services too.

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