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Trying to seek employment after college in the music industry

Hello everyone, my name is Ashley Butala. I'm 24, and am getting my Bachelors degree in the college of Arts in Communications from Oakland University. My field is extremely broad so I can go into anything really such as radio, tv, music industry, etc. I had a internship at a radio station in Nashville, TN over the summer working in promotions and didn't like it much because of the lack of communication, and other things. I'm gettting my degree in april and am having a hard time figuring out what I want to do. Everything that I'm interested in is so visual especially doing behind the scenes stuff whether working with audio or tv. I want to go into the music industry and get a job where i travel like a tour promoter, or tour manager. Can you guys help me out? It's my dream to have a job where I can travel and music is a huge part of my life.

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Re: Trying to seek employment after college in the music industry

Hello Ashley,

I would tell you that you're on the right path. It is all about being flexible, getting experience, building your network, and getting your foot in the door. Take advantage and get internship experiences, plural. The more connections you make, the better. Also treat any internship or volunteer work as a job, put your all into it. Prove yourself and create a reputation of hard work.

I can tell you that during internships, I made sure that I put in the extra hours, solved problems, and made sure the employer knew I did this. Every person is in sales to a point, and we have to make sure we are selling ourselves or marketing.

Self-awareness is so important, be aware of the expertise that you are acquiring, notice what you do well. These are great selling points. Also, notice your weaknesses, and work to improve them. Push yourself.

Finding a job is more than a full-time position. Being flexible and getting your foot in the door is so important. You live near Nashville, so there are tons of recording studios, stations, ad and marketing companies, and so on. It is important to understand most of us don't start in our dream job. Create an action plan with specific objectives for the next five years or more. First jobs out of college are most often about building experience and paying bills. It is much easier to get a job when you have a job too.

Are you a member of the professional organizations for your field? They often have associations, clubs, and such with meetings. They may even have conferences, and these types of events are great networking. Businesses may go to these looking for employees too. I cna tell you that I was offfered jobs at conferences while in graduation school and in during the end of my undergraduate.

Make sure that you have your resume up to date and get feedback on it. Also, have a portfolio of your work from your internship and other projects. Stay informed on the current topics in your field, follow websites with these trending topics.

Have you checked out CareerConnect at Hope this helps!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: Trying to seek employment after college in the music industry

Hi albutala2014,
Those are some wonderful-sounding aspirations! My best advice would be to not be too picky about what you land immediately out of college. if you don't get a job that allows you to travel when you're 22, try to find a job in a related field that will give you solid work experience and the connections that can, eventually, lead you to the ideal job. Hope that helps some!

Michelle, AFB intern

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