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Vision tests in military/civil service application

I am a junior in high school and anticipate entering military service after high school. From there I would like to move to either police work or a government field, possibly to the FBI or working for the Department of Homeland Security. While researching these possibilities, I have come across various restrictions to 20/200 vision. I have, according to the most recent tests, 20/800 vision in my left eye. Does anybody know what kinds of restrictions are in place for military service, police, or any similar career? Are the vision requirements non-negotiable, or do they use a different kind of test? I understand I may well be grasping at straws, but I'm not willing to abandon any possibilities without some measure of research.

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email me please when you see thisRe:Vision tests in military/civil service application

Hi I am interested in this field also and I want to know about the research. I need to know what's available about and how they respond to blind people. I want to do probation undercover work or be an correctional officer. Also maybe a cop. When you get this post please email me at

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