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Comment — JVIB Extract

Since Comments do not have abstracts, we have provided an extract of the beginning of the text.

Extract: Imagine this scenario: A husband and wife, both blind, have twin daughters who are also visually impaired. While the girls were still toddlers, the parents decided to build on their own care and love for children and their own experiences with appropriate learning environments by founding a small community-based early childhood program for very young children with vision loss. The parents first got the idea to open such a program when a few other parents with kids who are blind asked if they could see how the twins played, the kinds of games or exercises that the parents did with them, or to simply let their children spend some time together with the twins. “Something magical happens when these precious little girls get to explore the wide world around them on relative terms of equality with friends who are like them,” says the mother of the twin girls. “We wanted to share the joy we found in seeing what a difference the right environment can make for kids with as many families as possible.” By the way, this scenario isn't completely hypothetical.

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