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Practice Report — JVIB Extract

Since Practice Reports do not have abstracts, we have provided an extract of the beginning of the text.

Extract: The profession of orientation and mobility (O&M) is replete with literature describing specific cane techniques (Hill & Ponder, 1976; Jacobson, 1993; LaGrow & Long, 2011; LaGrow & Weesies, 1994), strategies for teaching O&M to specific populations and age groups (Dodson-Burk & Hill, 1989; Fazzi & Naimy, 2010; Griffin-Shirley & Welsh, 2010; Skellinger & Sapp, 2010; Welsh, 2010), rationales, and appropriate settings (Hill & Ponder, 1976; Jacobson, 1993; LaGrow & Weesies, 1994; LaGrow & Long, 2011). These strategies and techniques are also addressed in many university preparation programs.

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