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Research Report — JVIB Extract

Since Research Reports do not have abstracts, we have provided an extract of the beginning of the text.

Extract: In today's educational practices, teachers of students with visual impairments are required to demonstrate competencies in the use of assistive technology so they can adequately meet the diverse needs of their students (Abner & Lahm, 2002; D'Andrea, 2012; Gerber, 2003; Smith, Kelly, & Kapperman, 2011). Several researchers have investigated specific assistive technology issues related to students with visual impairments. For example, Lusk (2012), in her study of optimal optical devices for school-aged students with low vision, noted that performance and preference varied among users. She provided evidence that the selection of optimal magnification devices is hinged on individual needs and preferences. Kamei-Hannan and Lawson (2012) found that students were engaged in writing tasks for extended periods and with higher quality when using the braille note taker with its unique features that were not present with the Perkins brailler. Bouck, Flanagan, Joshi, Sheikh, and Schleppenbach (2011) utilized a computer-based voice input, speech output (VISO) calculator to study how students completed basic mathematics problems, with a focus on efficiency as compared to the students' typical approach to calculation. Among their salient findings were: students were more efficient with their traditional calculation technique, although with time, performance with the VISO was equivalent; and the participants indicated that the new technology had great benefits, since it provided them with increased autonomy for solving difficult mathematics problems.

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