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Any blind court reporters?


I was wonering if there are any blind court reporters on here. People keep telling me that it would make the perfect career for me.

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Re: Any blind court reporters?

I was also wondering about blind court reporters. I have emailed two mentors dad have not received a response. I am really interested in the field and would like to hear some experiences.

Re:Any blind court reporters?

I have always wanted to do volunteer work at an animal shelter. I couldn't work at my local amusement park, the closest one is an hour and a half away from me.

Re:Any blind court reporters?

Have you ever volunteered at animal shelter? They often take volunteers to clean cages, spaces, and such. They also may have volunteers walk animals or give baths. I know visually impaired teens who have done this type of volunteer experience, or even part-time jobs.

Roller coaster tester? Haven't heard that one prior, but you could do a search online to see what is out there. If that is a profession, not sure how prevalent that is in most places. I have heard of engineers with degrees designing roller coasters.

What about jobs at a theme park? Have you explored the job openings available at your local theme park to see what you may have the skills to perform. Often employees get free or reduced price admission to parks. They have all kinds of profession from the obvious to professions that most businesses would have behind the scenes. You may not have to be a roller coaster tester to get to be in the vacinity of a roller coaster. Explore jobs that would bring you into the environment of some of these things. But, do your homework about the jobs you are interested in, do you have the skills necessary to succeed or meet expectations.

Joe S.

Re:Any blind court reporters?

Forget that, then. People just tell me it would be interestng. What I really wzld want to go is test roller coasters, become a professional skydiver, or something related to animals.

Re:Any blind court reporters?

I wanted to ask you if you have thought about why it might be a good career pick for you? Have you thought about what types of things you would like to do on a job and what the place you would work at would be like? I know court reporters need to be good at detail and must be able to keep their attention on things for long periods of time in order to keep track and have a record of what has been said.

Re:Any blind court reporters?

This message board is just starting to build mentors who will be reading and responding to questions. None so far are court reporters. You can read about that field in the law cluster and can search for a mentor in the CareerConnect program in the field of court reporting. We have several mentors in the database who can respond to your email. Just log in, do the search and send your questions. I am happy you found this brand new board.

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