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Immigration paralegals

Hi I would like to know if there are any paralegals specifically immigration paralegals? I would like to get a better idea of the job responsibilities and the work environment and some other aspects about the job?
Thank you very much for your time.

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Re:Immigration paralegals

Being a paralegal sounds like a very big job.

Re:Immigration paralegals

Thank you so much for the two comments responses to my question this will be very helpful for me. Thank you very much

Re:Immigration paralegals

You can follow the USAjobs website for job openings in the federal government. Search all legal-related jobs since it might not always be called “paralegal” (it could be claims examiner, legal technician, case technician, writer, etc.). Any government agency that processes claims will employ a legal support staff, and the government does process immigration matters. Also search the different government agency websites for career opportunity descriptions. USAjobs will describe the job duties and tell you exactly what qualifications you need so you can find the right job. Focus on building your credentials and apply with confidence. The “how” questions can be addressed when you get there because visually impaired people have done and are doing these jobs. I am an attorney writer with a government agency, but I know my agency and others employ non-attorneys as writers and in other legal support jobs.

Re:Immigration paralegals

I am an real estate / business attorney; however, I can say that attorneys depend upon paralegals a great deal in the practice of law. Paralegals often draft documents for attorneys to review and revise, as well as manage scheduling on litigation matters. Paralegals must be thorough and detail-oriented.

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