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Sheriff explorer

My mom told me abou the sheriffs department having a program for teens interested in the police department and it sounded real cool and so we asked the corporal about it but he had to ask about it so right now we are waiting on a call
So what I was wondering is what. Would I be doing any ideas ?? I very much appreciate it

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Re:Sheriff explorer

I've never heard of this program.

Re:Sheriff explorer

Sorry - I am not familiar with this program.

Re:Sheriff explorer

Explorers is similar to Boy Scouts, except that you are learning specifically about the field of Law Enforcement. They do projects with law enforcement, work with the officers and other departments.

I believe you could google it and find a lot more about it. I participated in Boy Scouts of America and received my Eagle Scout award.

Has anyone participated in Explorers?

Good luck!

Joe S.

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