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Blind Doctors in Medicine

What are the names and contact info of some blind doctors nation wide? I would like to know certain questions like: where did you go to school and what were your GPA and MCAT scores? how did you get experience to boost your application? If someone could help me out with this, I would be very appreciative.

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Re: Blind Doctors in Medicine

Hi Samantha,

CareerConnect doesn't publicize mentors' email addresses, but if you click on the job title, you should be able to directly message the mentor.

Shannon Carollo

Re: Blind Doctors in Medicine

how do we get in contact with career connect staff? and where is the mentors page? I will have a look for it. I find the profile of them, but then when I press on the link that says the contact, it doesn't give an email.

Re: Blind Doctors in Medicine

Hi Donna, Thanks for reaching out on behalf of your colleague. I am a nurse who has a similar progressive eye condition and I was able to maintain employment for 30 years. For years I had low vision and then was legally blind and now I am retired due to my vision loss. I suggest starting with a "Getting Started Kit" offered by VisionAware. After someone receives a diagnosis of a progressive eye disease from the eye specialist, it is important to take the next step-seek Low Vision Services and Vision Rehabilitation. This is how we all learn to live and work with our impairments. It can be devastating to think of losing one's career, the ability to drive, or the ability to continue with our favorite activities. But rehab can teach you how to do things differently, using devices and technology. Emotional support is also important during the adjustment process. And many agencies which serve the visually impaired offer support groups which can be very helpful.

You may want to check the VisionAware Directory of Services for agencies in Louisiana. here is the link:

Hope this is helpful...if you would like to contact me directly you can email me at

Re: Blind Doctors in Medicine

Hello, I am an LV OT working with a neurologist (45 yrs old) who has rod/cone dx. He recently is having decreased vision; low vision but is not blind. I am looking for possible support options for this person. He lives in Louisiana. Any support ideas are welcome. I would love to have some other docs with low vision who would be willing to talk to him. Thank you, Donna

Re:Blind Doctors in Medicine

Hi. Thanks for the question. Having blind doctors to speak with before entering medical school is very valuable. While I do not know the MCAT scores and other specific particulars of the two people I'm going to mention, I have talked with both of them and they are great people, happy to lend their encouragement.

Tim Cordes graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2005.
Jeffrey Lawler, an osteopathic physician, graduated in 2004, I believe, from Western University in California . He went on to do a residency in mental health and I believe that is still his focus today.

I am also available for questions about my practice as a naturopathic physician.

One important thing I will say about the application process: Look for schools that have a Technical Standards form that includes a clause that will b very important to you. You will be expected to do various activities, including those that require sight. There is an important clause in Western (another) University's Technical Standards form that says that you can accomplish some of these things through the use of technology. Many medical schools began to eliminate this important clause which would effectively exclude those that could not sign this form without acknowledging the need for technology to substitute for some visual activities.

Finally, Brenda Premo of Western University is a great resource. She co-ordinates the disability services at Western which is a very forward-thinking medical school, having accepted students with many diferent kinds of disabilities as they seek to realize their dreams of becoming health care professionals.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Chris Cooke, ND

Re:Blind Doctors in Medicine

CareerConnect does not publicize the names and contact information of it's mentors. However, if you will register as a CareerConnect User from the home page of this website and do a search for mentors using relevent keywords such as doctor, physician, medicine, audiology, cardiology, psychiatry, naturopath, etc. you will get a list of mentors in medicine. Click on their job title and an email page will come up for you to send them a message. Please feel free to ask any work or school related questions you'd like. (Please allow the mentor at least 72 hours to respond. If you do not get a reply, please contact CareerConnect staff so that someone can follow up to see if the mentor received the message.)

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