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I want to be a singer

my dreams is to be a singer. i bwee singin when i was little
but i might have to say is hard to be a comopser

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Re:I want to be a singer

(i am NOT Blind!!!)HELLO!!! I can't tell u how much i want 2 be a singer!!! i've been singing since i was 7! my dream is to be a pop singer!!! i sing and dance!! all day long!!! Please!! IF U WANT TO MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE.........plz email me back at!!!please!! its my dream to be a pop singer please!!!!!! make my day!!! god bless!!

Re:I want to be a singer

are u blind or not!

Re:I want to be a singer

Good then do well in school, get a degree, work while creating music, and then sell it hoping to make some money.

Re:I want to be a singer is a talent search site for new stars (singers, actors, dancers, comedians, etc) so maybe they can help you if you sign up! Good luck!

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