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I really need this

I am a 15 year old African American with a voice better than Beyonce. I am not a wealthy person but I get by day by day. I need help exsposing my voice CAN YOU HELP ME???!!!

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Re:I really need this

Hi: I'm about your age (fourteen) and I think I know what can help yoiu! First:
1. Keep getting good grades to get a scholarship to a theator school.
2. Enroll yourself in any choir/drama classes your school offers, and speak to your school guidence counciler and see what he/she says about being descovered, and/or local contests or venues that you can perform in.
3. Enter any local contests you can.
4. Visit any and all websites sugested by other people. they may be able to help you.
5. When you are sixteen, try out for American Idol.
I may be able to help yoiu more if you send me a video of your voice on e-mail. You can do this if you wish by e-mailing me at
Good Luck!

Re:I really need this

Enter local contests and get good grades to go to a music college. If you get a job or somehow cna get money for a vocal couch they will help expose you.

Good Luck

Re:I really need this

i'm a singer to and i have been tolled that there are some cool sites for new and un-sined singers and bands, do you have a website like youtube or myspace or something like that can help you get fans.

i'd love to hear your voice do you have a CD or something? if you want someone to chat with about life or music you can email me at or add me on skype fadedwaterfalls

i wish you the best of luck, rue

heyRe:I really need this

Hello Girl! I am a 29 male from Hungary, I am really interested in good singing girls, can you send your voice somehow to me? my msn is, same is my e-mail, my skype is vaszaki, any if want can add me, have great day!

Re:I really need this is a talent search site for aspiring stars (singers, actors, dancers, comedians, etc) so maybe they can help you if you sign up! Good luck!

Re:I really need this

i am 13 years old i really need this i think this will be the best thing that happen to me think you bye?

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