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Looking for a Freind

Hey, My name is Muhammad and I am 16. I am from New York City and i attend Midwood High School. I'm sorry but I don't like to brag about what I am and what I am not. But if you would like to talk to me, my e-mail is . Just need a good freind to help me fight that's all. Hope someone is out there.

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Re: Looking for a Freind

hi! my name is Ana I would like to be your friend my email is

Re:Looking for a Freind

hi my name is hina altaf and i am also looking for some nice friends. i am new in this country.
please send me your skype, msn yahoo aor aim names. i would love to make friends my e-mail is:

Re:Looking for a Freind

Hi, All

I would like to make friend with you all via email. I wonder if I can talk to you via Skype or Voice chat of Yahoo? I cannot find your e-mail address on this page!
Bum Bum

Re:Looking for a Freind

I'm a coo person lookin for a person like me. I like to shill i'm from dhat good good CO aka 614 y k what I'm sayin so hit ya girl back at ONE LOVE.

Re:Looking for a Freind

Hey, I'm Meredith, I'll be your friend too. I'm kind of looking for friends that I can talk to about being visually impared.

Re: Looking for AIM screen names!

just sent you an E-mail back in reply to the one you sent. It's on there.
Laters all,

Looking for AIM screen names!

Okay hi Jeffry. I'm looking for your AIM screen name, you said if people want it to just ask you well I'm asking for it. I'm signed on all the time so if you give me your AIM I will message you, just post your AIM address here pleeeease.

I'm blind too.

Re:Looking for a Freind

hey wats up i looken for a guy is a lay back one and just want to have a day for me and him if thats you hit me up

Re:Looking for a Freind

me too-my name is jacob and i am 14
and live in indiana-

Re:Looking for a Freind

My name is Jeffrey. I am 16, and blind. I live in North Carolina.
Feel free to E-mail me me, I'll be anyonje's friend, because, well, to put it simply, I enjoy having friends. I am friendly and easy to get along with most of the time.
My E-mail address is:
I also have other messsengers, including Skype, AIM, Google Talk, and MSN.
I'll provide those if ya want them, just let me know.

Re:Looking for a Freind

Hi I'm Lijia, and sure I'll be your friend as long as you don't mind me being a bit crazily random at times. Sorry, this feels a bit... awkward? One of my friends said there were nice people on this site, so I couldn't resist.
Oh and I'm NOT blind, but i do wanna make friends with anyone that sound nice on this site because I'm just cool like that :) Just kidding, but i honestly do. I'm thirteen, Chinese, live in sunny California, and I can't get enough of music and dancing and friends.
If you want to talk to me, here's my email:

Re:Looking for a Freind

My name is Mariah and I'm 13 and I live in South Carolina. I would love to be your friend!

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