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i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

i wanna be a singer!but how?=[im barely 12

if theres anything u wanna ask or say please dont bother

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Re:i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

Just sing your favorite songs from the radio and try to see if there is any producers that want to work with you.

Re:i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

how i really love singing its my favorite thing to do who can help me out wit that

Re:i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

You should just go for it! I was in a drumming competition when I was 9. I am now 16 and have lost interest in playing drums. But yeah, you should just do it! It will be fun.

Re:i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

I'm 13 yars old i love to sing . My dream is to become a singer and let my vioce be heard.I write my own songs and sing they to my family. My family loves my songs that i write .So can you help me become a singer please.

Re:i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

*sigh* I hate it when people say these kind of things. There is SO much to do when it comes to this. I have a recording studio in my home and I've done acting for quite a few years. I'm finally getting stared working professionally in ADR. To be a professional your WHOLE family has to be dedicated to it. It isn't about yourself. You need to have the money, experience, and a plan. What do your parents say? Are you near a place that has a recording studio? If not, then you have to buy one. Will you get an agent, use a demo CD, or go on your own? Are there places near you or things you want to do that have openings? What is your goal? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm not trying to squash your dreams or anything. I just know what I'm talking about. I have a friend who is a famous Christian singer and speaker in Nashville. She worked for YEARS to become famous and it came at a price. It takes a lot of work, but if it is something that you REALLY want to do. Go for it.

Re:i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

Well Im a former pro drummer and have done singing and piano. I would recommend learning an instrument like the keyboards. That can help a lot. But in general you can take voice coaching but most singers I have met just sing. They simply cant help it and so they sing. You start off trying to sing other peoples voices and eventually find your own voice.

Find songs that you seem to be able to do better then others and zero in on your range and style etc. As you move a long keep trying to push the envelope a little here and there. Its important when developing your voice not to push it past the hurting phase. When you feel it then its about time to stop for the day. The vocal chords are sensitive and have to built over time. 12 years old is not too young to start in fact thats a perfect age and there are many great 12 year old singers. Because your voice is different you will have to approach it a bit different but others do it and do just fine so if they can you can.

If you really want it then you will do it ... simple as that.

Hope that helps.

Re:i wanna be a singer!but how?=[

What the heck? This isn't about Hannah Montana, this is about helping this girl who wants to be a singer!

No worries! =]

I've always drempt of being a singer. It doesn't matter what age you are, just as long as you sing well! Now if you are talking about becoming famous I might not b able to help. But just putting yourself out there? Sure, no problem!

All you've gotta do is take some chances! I took a cruise in July of this year and did some singing onstage for two nights in a row at what's called the On Air Club. It was fantastic.

If you're looking for a way to become a singer and be famous you may want to look into some celebrety fan mail addresses and talk to young teens who are singers themselves like Miley Cyrus, they may be able to offer you some advice.

Hope what I've said helps, if you have questions reply but make your subject "to xLostGirl815" so I know it is to me!

Take care!


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