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How do i become a disney channel star!!!!!!!!!

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if you really want to perform as a career. you need to realize how risky and unreliable and uncertain it is. there are some people who just break into the business but that is rare. you need to be optomistic but ready for criticism and regection because it will happen. i am a theatre major in college. but i know this is not the most reliable in terms of work and money so i am also a psychology major. and i sing as a hobby. i went to aperforming arts high school and suggest taking as many performing classes as possible. you can take them in school and after as well as in the summer. you can also get involved in local community theatre and performing groups. perform every chance you get and be ready to go to any audition at any time. never let a chance pass you buy. i have found that taking private voice is very helpful if you want to be a singer. find a teacher that specializes in your type of music. i am also in two choirs and sing when ever i get the chance. to be a theatre major in my college you take intro to theatre, intro acting, acting two, theatre workshop (four semesters), stage craft, theatre history (two semesters). directing and much more. for music you perform in front of students and teachers, and do concerts, you also take ear training, private voice, choir, theory, and piano and more. good luck tiffany


Go to Disneyland and they will tell you how to become a disney channel star.


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