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Question for you!

Hello all ~
I am the Mother of a 17 yr old girl, who's been diagnoised with Optic Disc Drusen. What's been odd is that she's not lost her periphrial (spelled that wrong!) but her central vision. . .
Anyone out there have any idea on how many people really lose their eyesight from this, or at what age?
Thank you all ~

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Re:Question for you!

I actually have the same question - I was just diagnosed with Optic Nerve Drusen and I am 51 years old. Are the effects different for each person? Do you only lose peripheral vision? Can you lose your sight from this? Looking for answers.
Pam, Oakley, CA

Re:Question for you!

Thank you!!

Re:Question for you!

I would like to encourage you to visit the AFB website designed with the parent organization NAPVI. has a lot of information including message boards, articles, video and more. I searched for optic nerve drusen and found a message board string on the subject from adults with the eye condition. Your post is there as well. Again, please visit

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