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I'm Blind In One Eye...

I am Blind in one eye. I had a fever seizure at the age of one (my parents think) i had a reaction to the medicine they gave me for it i had half the sight in my right eye til i was about 7 or 8 then it went all out, we went to a doctor when i was young and he said it was scar tissue behind my eye and he said it was unfixable but he also said it wouldnt get any worse (and it wouldnt get any better) but it did get worse i am totally blind in that eye now, i am now 13 years old and its hard to live with one eye so i am trying to find out if there is any surgery that will help this if anyone has any information on this please let me know,

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Re:I'm Blind In One Eye...

i know what your going threw i'm blind in one eye when i was young i went blind in my left eye i found out what was wrong and i was told the same thing about my vision won't get better or worse and in resent years its gotten worse i've got no dept perception to add on to it i don't know of any surgery's all i can say is hang in thier

Re:I'm Blind In One Eye...

I know where you are coming from. I am blind in both eyes. I was a premature baby. I have two retina detachments. My blindness is unfixable. And it hat gotten worse. I don't know of any surgery that could help you.

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