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16 year old, need help coming out. Desperate here!

Hey guys, listen I am 16 and have a gf and really need help coming out. I started to become interested in my friend in 2007. October 2007. It took me till June 08 to even accept myself. Now,s ince January 8 we have been dating -- we work so well together. My girlfriend told her parents and I haven't told mine yet. I just am really scared, does anyone know exactly just how to start, how to tell them? What to say?

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Re:16 year old, need help coming out. Desperate here!

Hi, my name is Sarah, I am 16 years old and blind. I live in California. I had this same problem. I was dating and was scared of telling my family, but finally I did, and it worked out great! Good luck!

Re:16 year old, need help coming out. Desperate here!

Hi I am Tia and I am a 16 year old girl. I can help you. First able, don't let that get in the way of your life, and please concerntrate on your studdies as they are very inportant. I think what you should say is that you are with this girl and you have been interested in her for a while. Just say that. I can understand what you are going threw, I was going out with a boy who was 2 years older then me and I had hard time telling my parents. I think you will find that if you are honist with them, tthey will be glad you told them. If you need anymore help just put another post here and I will try and help you. Good luck Yours Tia

Re:16 year old, need help coming out. Desperate here!

Hi Friend, First of all, you need to be focussed on your studies; As Blind or vision-impaired we need greater focus on studies to make a name & of cause, to get good marks. Secondly, if you like the person, than there's no need to worry! Tell your best parent whom you're close with, that you're in LOVE & you need that parent's blessings.

Once that's done things should get in to place. Remember to be well focussed in your studies. As lot of teenages lose that & start romancing, that won't help build-up your career. For me personally, career is the most important part of my life, that's what keeps me going!

Be consistent & keep rolling!


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