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First Jobs

I am curios what people have done for their first paid job. If not paid, what was your first volunteer experience or most current.

My first job was working for a store, it was a video and photo shop. I was clerk/cashier and had to clean and such.

Volunteer experience: My first volunteer experience was helping with a recycling drive in an area that did not have it. We collected news papers and such to recycle.

How about all of you?

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Re:First Jobs

My first experience was volunteering at a community recreation center monitoring kids and running the center. A lot of the kids were fosters and or there parents worked long hours so they didn't have much supervision at home. It was rewarding.

My first paid job was at my college, but I wasn't hired by the college directly; it was a federally funded grant program that was on my college campus. I was a mentor in there program, and got paid a good $8.75 an hour. It was also very rewarding, and an insite to counseling and listening to people's problems.

Aiming Big

Re:First Jobs

I've been volunteering since I was a kid, wrapping gifts for the less-fortunate children, making food baskets, things like that. Now I am in charge of a youth group for a nonprofit organization and I love it.
My first and only job was a secretarial job at the American Red Cross. It was fun but I wasn't hired by them directly. I was hired by a youth program in my hometown.

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