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How many of you use your cane when traveling? Or a guide dog? I use a white cane all of the time to travel. The cane is really a part of me and I would not feel comfortable traveling without it. I think a person traveling well with a cane makes you look good, competent and smooth. I have friends who do not use the can enough and they look sloppy when bouncing around. I really appreciate the work my orientation and mobility instructor did with me, she really helped to allow me to be independent.

How do you travel? Do you use a cane, guide dog, sighted guide or do you just bounce around?

I think it is important to travel smoothly when looking into a career or job.

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Re: Canes

I love my cane! I use it all the time!


I know write?


more than you would think


Has anyone ever called your cane a stick???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


I use a cane, but I hate it. I still run in to things, and it doesn't stop me from getting hurt. But pretty soon, this won't be a problem because I have applied for a guide dog, and I can't wait to get it! Life will be so much easier.


I agree with you totally, I know the importance of a cane however, that is not to say that I always use mine. In fact, I rarely use mine, I mostly use sighted guide. I know that sounds pathetic and dependent and I'm not as dependent as that sounds but I have a fear of traveling alone in public with just the cane. It's been a fear of mine since I was little that I never got over no matter how much O&M I had. Plus, I am very distractable and that doesn't mesh wel with following travel directions. I guess to each his own?

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