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Clubs or Organizations

How many of you are members of clubs or organizations at your school or in your community?

I really enjoy participating in these types of events. I was a member of all kinds of organizations including Boy Scouts, FBLA, DECA, Mock Trial and such. I also played sports which I loved. I love goalball and working out.

What do you participate in and what would you like to participate in? What is holding you back from participating?

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Re: Clubs or Organizations

I currently attend the community service club in my school,my friend who is also blind wants to start a Braille club in our school and I also want to start a disabled club

Re:Clubs or Organizations

I have been involved with the California Youth Leadership forum for students with disabilities (YLF) for the past several years. I attended in 2003 and have been active in the alumni and activities in that organization since.
It truly changed my life.

at my college I have been involved with the literary club and somewhat with the natural resources club. I have also trained dsps staff a little on jaws etc. I also volunteer through the county's transportation comission representing disabled people around transportation issues and the local bus system.
In high school I started my own braille club to teach others who were interested. That was out of response from being asked every day multiple times a day. It was so successful among both fellow students and staff, vice principles wanted to come.

Aiming Big

Re:Clubs or Organizations

That totally makes sense. I think we all have been there. It can be tough sometimes. I think it can even be a bit scary, but you will get over it once you meet a couple people, it will become comfortable.

I am sure you have some skills that could be valuable to an organization. Organizations value people that are willing to contribute, put forth some effort! Do you mind taking notes? Do you mind printing flyers? Do you mind making phone calls? All things that you might be able to do.

I would suggest if you have friends who are part of an organization on campus that you might be interested in, you might want to join that organization first. This could help to get you involved quicker as well, and that person may be able to introduce you to others.

Another thing you could do, is to find out what room the group you are interested in and see if you can go explore it prior, so you might feel more comfortable.

Another option would be contacting the organization or advisor of an organization that you are interested in. Throw in there that you are visually impaired, they may be able to help get your foot in the door. I have been president and vice president and such of a ton of organizations. I think it is important for us to get out there as young visually impaired people. Networking is so important!

Does your school have a professional organization for the field you are interested in?

I totally feel you on that, see what think and give it a try!

Shrimp Goat King

Re:Clubs or Organizations

I am an assistant youth advisor for an organization in my hometown but here at college I am very limited on what I participate in. I guess it's because it is hard to get people to allow me to be involved in projects that they feel are strictly for the "sighted". Also, when you are blind it is hard to just enter a room, grab a seat and start talking to everyone around you. Those are my own difficulties and they might not be everyone else's.

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